What People Say About Us

We invite you to give us feedback on our dog sitting service.  Here are a few responses made by our customers.

    The welfare of our dogs is of paramount importance to us, which is why we always send them to stay with Tracy, at Dog Sitting Durham. The girls have been staying with her over the last two years and they are so well looked after that they never want to leave! In fact, we believe they have a better time at Tracy’s than we do on holiday! We highly recommend Tracy and the attention and love she gives to all dogs in her care.

    Dr & Mrs P Bell

    - ,
  •   Our three dogs stayed with Tracey last year and had a better holiday than we did in Spain! A fantastic home from home environment.

    - Anne,
  •   We wouldn't use anyone else. Tracy is kind, friendly and most certainly knows her stuff when it comes to looking after dogs. She is very flexible with times etc and will do everything humanly possible to make it easier for you to leave your loved ones with her. We received text/video updates on our babies throughout our hols and felt comfortable in the knowledge that we could contact her at any time, should we want a quick update. I can honestly say that after trying many other sitters, we simply wouldn't go on holiday if Dog sitting Durham didn't exist, top top marks and I would recommend them to absolutely anyone. Tracy even came to visit our babies following their stay and they clearly remembered her as they were so excited to see her, lovely woman and if Carlsberg made dog sitters…….. well enough said, thanks Tracy xxx

    - Alan Cairns,
  •   I heard about Tracy from a relation, and have been using her dog sitting services for 2 years now. We leave our Shih tzu, Benji for our annual holidays and he loves it. It's just like home from home. I would recommend Tracy's service to anyone. If you want peace of mind that your pet is looked after as you would look after them yourself, you need Tracy.

    - Mrs. K. Pearson. February 2017,
  •   I have been taking my dog Tumble to Tracy's doggy daycare for almost a year now, she absolutely loves going. As I drive up, she starts 'singing' as she knows where she is at, she gets a lovely welcome upon arrival. Tracy is a genuine, sincere person who has a passion and a great understanding for dogs, of all breeds. If Tracy talks to me for a little longer than normal, Tumble starts pulling her to get inside to meet the other dogs, which is nice and reflects how much Tumble likes all of her furry faced friends. Tracy has a very secure house and garden, entrance via intercom. I know Tumble is happy to go and be left and that makes me feel happy in myself. I also know that when I leave 'my baby' Tracy treats her as if she is one of her own. Many thanks Tracy & Fari

    - Sandy Ainsley Ward & Tumble,
  •   My husband and I found Tracy through another family, who have a fox terrier much like our Ellie. Fox terrier's can be tricky! Stubborn, large characters, who insist they know best, whatever the situation demands. Ellie is the most wonderful of character's; kind and gentle with people and especially children and always up for fun, but she is a nightmare with other dogs!! Ellie was attacked when she was 14 weeks old by another terrier and since then, despite our best efforts, seemed to become worse and worse. It affected everywhere we took Ellie, our walks and our days out. We found ourselves avoiding areas where other dogs were, crossing the street whenever a dog approached us. We turned to Tracy. Tracy was honest from the beginning, explaining she would give it 2 weeks intensely working with Ellie. If after 2 weeks there was no change, then unfortunately she would have to stop, so as not to upset the wonderful balance she has with all of the other dogs in her care. Tracy gently but firmly introduced Ellie to her own dogs at first, maintaining good caring discipline, but with firm boundaries. Tracy was wonderful, she made sure to keep us updated, sending us videos showing us Ellie's progress, which was astounding. Ellie is nearly 3, so we were up against the clock for getting her sorted out before it became too difficult. Tracy has changed things for the better so much. Even Ellie seems lighter and happier in herself, walks have become so much better and so reducing our stress levels and worry. Ellie loves going to 'Aunty Tracy's, rushing for the door as soon as Tracy is mentioned. We cannot thank Tracy enough and would recommend her to anyone needing their dogs cared for in anyway, in a very loving environment.

    - Angela & Ken Donnelly,
  •   My dog Titan is a very difficult dog. I love him of course, but he is difficult. 1) He was born deaf 2) he is fearful of strangers and new people which leads to- 3) sometimes he charges and barks at new people. When my previous dogsitter moved on to another career I was devastated. It was very difficult finding a dogsitter who could manage Titan. I met multiple dogsitters who just refused to care for him because of his issues. Not Tracy. She said she would try and she stuck it out through the initial rough stage and now Titan just loves her (and her him, I think!). Moreover, because of Tracy’s regular care and training, he has become much better with new people. He is calmer and more trusting with new people. My partner and I work and travel a lot and this is so much easier because we know our boy is well taken care of by Tracy. I could not recommend her highly enough, I don’t know what we would do without her!

    - Dr. T. Rogers,