About Dog Sitting Durham

Welcome to our website. My name is Tracy and with a little help from my hubby Fari, I run Dog Sitting Durham (The Pooch’s Place).  Anyone who knows me, will attest to the fact that I am a bit dog crazy! In fact, family and friends ask ‘why I never did this before’?! I can honestly say that it is the best, most enjoyable and soul-rewarding career I have ever had. Dogs are my world and I’m never without one (or three).

My earlier career was mainly office based and then I took a total career change and opened my own beauty salon – a far cry from me today!!  So I’ve gone from computers & photocopiers, to make-up & waxing and onto wellies and waterproofs!

Dogs are all about energy and as a Reiki II practitioner, (Fari a Reiki Master), we try and maintain a calm and balanced energy at home.  There have been a few which have really ‘tested’ this theory, but eventually, and with a little encouragement, they all tend to get it.  Our own balanced dogs and our ‘regulars’, help teach the newbies the ropes.